If you think the only electrical services electricians render are limited to those minor electrical repairs around the house, think again.  Below are several electrical services that your friendly electrician can do for you.

Light installations and fittings. Installing and fitting light fixtures are the most common electrical services provided by electricians. Electricians are especially trained to deal with all kind of light installations.

Phone points. Electricians can also install new telephone jacks or fix damaged ones.

Power points. Electricians can install additional power points if your power consumption calls for it.

Air conditioning. Adding air conditioning units require special electrical services to accommodate the surge in power load.

Safety switches. A safety switch can prove to be life-saving when electrical faults occur. Installing safety switches is one of the more complicated electrical services that an electrician can do for you.

Smoke alarm installation.  A functional smoke alarm installation is absolutely necessary in every household. Installing a viable network of smoke detectors is one of the more common electrical services you can ask your electrician to do for you.

Energy-saving products. Electricians can also deliver energy-saving electrical services for you such as installation of energy-saving devices which could reduce your power bills significantly.

Tagging and testing of electrical appliances. Home appliances must be regularly tested to ensure that they pose no harm to your family. This testing, called portable appliance testing or PAT, is yet another example of electrical services that electricians offer.